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Webcivil Supreme:- All the courts of the state of New York come under the Judiciary of New York that is the judicial branch of the Government of New York. The highest court in the state of New York is the Court of Appeals. The New York State Supreme Court’s Appellate Division is the principal intermediate appellate court.

All the criminal and civil cases in New York City are heard in the New York Supreme Court. 57 individual County Courts hear criminal cases. These courts are located outside the city. The Chief Judge of the New York State and the Chief Administrative Judge work together to oversee the entire Judiciary system of the state.

With such a huge inflow of data, it is difficult to manually manage all the court records and cases. The New York State court’s eCourts Portal is designed to help manage the court’s database. Irrespective of a court case’s status, its information is stored on this website.

Case details like future appointment dates, case records in Civil Supreme and Local Civil Courts, etc., can be accessed and viewed by the citizens without paying any money.

WebCivil Supreme

WebCivil Supreme is a website on the eCourts Portal of the New York State Judicial courts. It consists of information about active and disposed Civil Supreme Court cases. These cases are from all the 62 counties of New York State. To search case information, you must have at least one of the below-mentioned data:

This system provides past, present, and future case information for New York State Civil Supreme Courts Only.

Service NameLink for Search
Index Search Find New York State Civil Supreme Court cases by index number.
Party SearchFind New York State Civil Supreme Court cases by party name.
Attorney/Firm SearchFind New York State Civil Supreme Court cases by attorney name.
Justice SearchFind New York State Civil Supreme Court cases by justice name.
Court CalendarsFind calendar information by county, justice, and part.
Attorney/Firm CalendarsFind calendar information for an attorney or firm and email copies of your Calendar.
Document SearchFind published decisions by index number and county.
Webcivil Supreme

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WebCivil Supreme is a free public service made accessible to all the people of the United States. The citizens of the United States don’t have to pay any money for accessing court case data on the Supreme Court’s online database. If you wish to track a court case of your interest, you can sign-up for the eTrack case tracking service to get periodic updates and appearance reminders.

The current ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis has affected the working of the Judiciary System. Hence, some of the scheduling information displayed on this site may be outdated. So, if you are looking for the status of a scheduled court appearance, you must consult your attorney or the county clerk. Once the court returns to normal operations, the automated email system will be enabled.

Even though the information is freely available as per the state constitution, there are certain terms and conditions of its usage.

  1. The New York State Unified Court System owns the portal and the data and manages them effectively.
  2. The data cannot be shared, sold, or used in other third-party applications without UCS’s permission.
  3. Mining information from the website by using an automated bot or web crawler is considered an offense.
  4. Unauthorized use of any information from this system is considered an offence and penalties apply.

Conclusion of WebCivil Supreme

The Civil Supreme Court case details are made available to citizens through WebCivil Supreme without any additional cost. To get case details or information of other federal courts like district courts, lower courts, trial courts, etc., you can look at other web pages on New York State Court’s eCourt portals.

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