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Webfamily:- All the cases involving family law are heard in family courts in every state of the United States. These cases include child custody, divorce, domestic abuse, guardianship, incompetence, and other such cases.

The state and local laws govern the family courts. These courts were established in the late 1910s in the United States. A lot of reforms were added to family courts in the 1920s and 1930s. During these reforms, the civil cases were separated out from criminal cases and the Uniform Support of Dependents Law was created.

All the case hearings are presided over by a single judge in absence of the jury. But in Texas, the family has a right to trial by jury.

Webfamily – New York State Family Court

Webfamily New York state courts

Webfamily is a website on the eCourts Portal of the New York State Judicial court’s website. It contains case related information of all the active cases in family court in New York. The database at Webfamily is centrally organized as it consists of data from courts in all 62 counties of New York State. To search case information on this webpage, you must have at least one of the below information:

  • Case Number
  • Party Name
  • Docket number
  • Attorney name
  • File number

The Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) Courts case data is also available in this portal. Calendars for each court can be generated by entering any one of the details like County name, Court location, data, judge name, etc. You can also subscribe for periodic updates for the cases you are interested in tracking. For doing the same, you can sign up for e-track case tracking services.

With the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the court is facing a shortage of heads for maintaining the case record data on this portal. So, some information might be unavailable on the portal. You can reach out to the clerk’s office for getting accurate details. The data on the website is owned by the New York Judiciary and has certain restrictions in terms of its usage. You can read more about the terms and conditions by clicking here.

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Some of the family cases handled in the New York family or domestic courts are:

  1. Marriage Dissolution: When a couple wants to end their marriage, they can file a divorce case in the family court. The marriage can end with a divorce or in an annulment. In some cases, the court grants separation if issues like alimony, child custody, etc., persist.
  1. Child custody: Unmarried or divorced couples can file a case in the family court for legal and physical custody of their child.
  1. Domestic violence: All the cases related to domestic violence can be filed in the family court by the victim against their abuser.
  1. Guardianship: A child or an adult who cannot take care of themselves can be assigned a guardian by the family court. This guardian becomes responsible for the child or adult’s well-being.
  1. Adoptions: To become a child’s legal parent, the couple can file an adoption case in the family court.

Apart from these cases, issues like juvenile matters, underage marriages, termination of parental rights, etc., can also be contested in the family court.

Since the family courts hear so many different cases, manual tracking becomes a pain for the clerk’s office. The eCourts Portal of the New York Courts has made this task easy for the family courts.

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